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HAS-3 Integral DriveHAS-3 Integral Drive

The functions of power transmission and control are brought together by combining basic hydrostatic principles and proven standard hydraulic components in a compact package, providing a versatility of control and installation flexibility that is practically limitless.

Standard 3 phase AC electrical power is converted to hydraulic power in a variable flow piston pump. Varying the pump control increases, decreases and changes the direction of the fluid flow over an infinitely variable range. Flow of the incompressable fluid from the pump is transmitted internally through passages in the pump body or externally (split drive) through tubes, pipes, or hoses to a positive displacement piston type fluid motor. Variable flow from the pump produces variable speed in the motor. Changing the direction of fluid flow from the pump by moving the pump control past its center point changes the direction of motor rotation.


JAMTEK drives are reliable, durable and maintainable, too!

  • Self Lubrication and Integral Cooling provide inherent long life operation; promote economy.
  • Convenient low cost installation thru the use of direct hydraulic motor drive eliminates belts and pulleys. Split drives allow the power outlet to be installed in convenient remote locations allowing ease of maintenance. Simple hydraulic controls eliminate the need for complicated auxiliary control equipment.
  • Smooth control and dynamic braking eliminate shocks and damage to the load train. Drive requires less maintenance.
  • Less downtime standard replacement parts, repair and service are readily available from JAMTEK or distributors, if ever required!

JAMTEK drives are versatile, convenient and saves you money.

  • Self containment of the packaged drive permits installation in areas or on machines which must be washed down frequently. Hydraulic motors can be separated from the drive package and installed in areas where electric power or control components would be hazardous, thus avoiding costly specialized equipment.
  • Hydraulic Motors can be selected to provide a wide range of output torques and speeds which can eliminate the need for a gear box. A big cost reduction.

JAMTEK drives put it all together.

JAMTEK power and control components have been thoroughly proven in thousands of applications. For the control you want, put it all together the fluid power way . . . with JAMTEK variable speed transmissions.


JAMTEK hydraulic variable speed drives are being used successfully in a variety of applications. A few examples include:

  • TEXTILE MACHINERY - where smooth positive control of speed and tension, including the ability to start from zero with controlled acceleration, are musts.
  • FOOD PROCESSING - where cleanliness is critical, drives and related equipment must frequently be washed with cleansing solutions and sprayed with water. Rotary sealing machines, cooker drives and mixers are typical applications.
  • METAL WORKING - where infinitely variable speed control is essential for indexing, rotating, spindle drives, turntables and winders.
  • MATERIAL HANDLING - where ease of control is important, operating cranes, lifters, conveyors, feeders, loaders and unloaders. Drives and their controls are sensitive and rugged enough to handle anything from heavy bulk material to delicate precision parts.
  • BASIC MATERIALS – WOODWORKING – PRINTING - where shock and overload protection, unusual mounting flexibility, start-stop, jog, or frequent reversals and many more factors demand versatility and controllability from this true workhorse.
  • CHEMICAL AND PROCESSING INDUSTRIES - where hazardous environments limit the use of electrical components, split drives provide safety, efficiency and versatility. Examples of applications include mixers for paints and other flammable products. Additional less hazardous processing applications include feeders, dryers, extruders and process pumps.